13th November 2021

Ex­emp­tion from present­ing Rapid An­ti­gen Test

The Ministry of Health has decided to grant an exemption for guests this weekend, November 13th and 14th, from presenting a negative Rapid Antigen Test Result.

As before guests are encouraged to book an appointment for a Rapid Antigen Test to be able to present a negative Test Result for events taking place in Harpa. However guests that are not able to present a Rapid Test result will not be dismissed from attending an event this weekend.

Harpa´s employees wear face masks and we kindly ask our guests to do the same. As before guests are systematically encouraged to show responsibility and take care of personal infection prevention. 

Harpa emphasizes responsible event management and adheres to the current rules and standards for meeting restrictions.


12th January 2022

Harpa þakkar Örnu Schram samfylgdina

Stjórn og starfsfólk Hörpu tónlistar- og ráðstefnuhúss harma lát Örnu Schram sviðsstjóra hjá Reykjavíkurborg.

5th January 2022

Notice of Opening Hours Change

Harpa is now open from 10:00-18:00 every day.

5th January 2022

Harpa donates 1000 trees

To Kolviður, the Iceland Carbon Fund