5th November 2022

The art ex­hib­i­tion Dear set­tlers!

by artist Þórunn Bára opens on Harpa´s ground floor today.

Þórunn Bára deals with the perception of nature and the interaction between man and the environment in his works. She believes that art in collaboration with natural science can increase understanding of the importance of better contact with nature. On Saturday, November 5 at 2-4 p.m., Þórunn Bára opens the exhibition Dear Settlers! in Harpa.

The exhibition runs until December 1st.

For further information contact:

Daría Sól Andrews, mobile +354 699-6949, daria@listval.is or the artist Þórunn Bára Björnsdóttir, mobile 662-1845, thorbara@gmail.com.