14th September 2021

In­form­a­tion for Con­cert Guests

Relaxation of Restrictions as of September 15th.

According to the latest relaxation of restrictions, Harpa´s main hall, Eldborg, will be divided into three different disinfection areas, for 500 guests each. This applies to concerts being held this weekend, September 17th - 19th, and a rapit test is not needed at these events.

Face masks should still be worn to these events, but refreshments can be bought before concerts and during the break.

As before, guests are kindly encouraged to show responsibility and take care of personal infection prevention.


6th December 2021

Harpa completes its fourth Green Step

Harpa continues to reduce the negative environmental impact of its operations and has now completed four of the five Green Steps.

1st December 2021

Restrictions due to Covid-19

According to the recent Covid-19 restrictions all guests born 2015 or before must be able to show a negative rapid antigen test, a negative PCR test, or a confirmation on a previous Covid-19 infection before attending events in Harpa.

30th November 2021

Listval opens in Harpa

Listaval will be opening an exhibition and an art gallery on the ground floor of Harpa.