23rd May 2023

Harpa is seek­ing mu­si­cians for Up­prásin

a new concert series that is dedicated to the grassroots of Icelandic music.

Harpa, in cooperation with Reykjavík Music City and the broadcasting channel Rás 2, is organising a concert series that is dedicated to the grassroots of Icelandic music, across musical genres.

The concert series is called Upprásin, and takes place in Kaldalón music hall one Tuesday evening each month in the winter of 2023–2024. The concert series is a part of the implementation of the policy of Harpa to open doors for the grassroots and young people across genres and to increase diversity. The goal is also for music lovers to be able to easily access new Icelandic music of various kinds, directly from the grassroots of the music scene, performed in the optimal facilities of the nation’s premier concert hall.Harpa provides the facilities, technical equipment and sound technician, as well as handling the overall management. Reykjavík Music City supports the musicians who perform in the series, and Rás 2 provides publicity for them, for instance on the show Ólátagarður with Bjarni Daníel. The musicians who perform at each time will get a recording of the concert. The series will be open to applications on 17 May, and we call on all musicians who define themselves as grassroots within the music scene of Iceland, of all genders and ethnicities, to apply. The application deadline is 17 JuneApplication formThe selection committee will process submitted applications and select the musicians to appear in this first concert series where two groups perform on each night. The selection committee consists of Bjarni Daníel on behalf of Rás 2, Ása Dýradóttir on behalf of Reykjavík Music City, Sóley Stefánsdóttir on behalf of the programme council of Harpa, and Ása Berglind Hjálmarsdóttir, manager of programming for Harpa. You can find out more by sending an e-mail to the programme manager at asaberglind@harpa.is

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