4th September 2023

Fam­ily Pro­gramme in Harpa

Accessible to all children, admission free.

Harpa's family program should be accessible to all children and families; regardless of their finances, origin, language or home. Emphasis is placed on participation, experience, education, diversity and multiculturalism when creating the programme.

Events are free of charge for visitors and an effort is made to connect with different groups of society, for example through interpretation in different languages ​​or direct participation of children from different kindergardens, elementary or music schools.Harpa places more and more emphasis on reaching all children to show them that they have a place in Harpa and can enjoy culture and art, as well as create themselves. In Harpa's programme policy for children and families, emphasis is placed on adapting events to children and families from different origins and with different needs.

Programme for the working year 2023-2024

The programme is specially made with validation and accessibility for all children and families guided by workshops and musical events in collaboration with associations and rights organizations of different groups and artists. The Children's Cultural Fund supports the programming of Harpa's children's and family programme.

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