26th February 2024

5000 selfies in Eld­borg

in every seat

German Visual Artist Martin Liebscher puts a lot of effort into his work. He visited Harpa in the fall of 2022 and took some unconventional photos in Eldborg, Harpa´s main hall.

Martin did not use digital technology to make his photos, but sat in all the seats of Eldborg to take the pictures, which took him two whole nights. About 5000 photos were taken to create one panorama of the hall. Martin has taken similar photos in various world-famous concert and conference halls, and Eldborg is now one of them.

A press release says that what is special about Martin's art is that he creates panoramas from numerous photos from the same perspective, where he himself poses.

Martin has taken photos in numerous well-known music and opera houses and theaters around the world, where he sits in every single seat of the hall as a guest and also as a conductor and musician. He then puts the images together into one large panoramic image. He imitates what the guests see when they look across the hall, at the conductor and the musicians, and he captures the feeling where the camera is constantly changing direction.

Martin worked for many years as a cinematographer and loves to create unusual visual effects of images through aesthetic means.

"It was an amazing experience for me to shoot in Harpa. In two nights, my assistant and I took about 5000 pictures. The Eldborg hall has a magnificent and dynamic atmosphere with its unique color palette and magnificent space," says Martin about this experience.

The photo was used in Martin's exhibition at the prestigious Martin Asbæk gallery in Copenhagen at the end of last year, but the exhibition received five stars in Politiken.

Click here to view the image better, you can zoom in and out.

Below you can also see a video of the process.