21st June 2021

New website Harpa.is

The new website is the result of a collaboration with the design company Kosmos & Kaos and the consulting company Parallel. Great effort was put into the design with user friendly experience in the foreground.

18th June 2021

National Day of Iceland

On this day Harpa has been filled with festivities but this year is different as the house is closed due to constructions, but these constructions are meant to increase the service to our guests.

18th June 2021

Rammagerðin to open in Harpa

Fyrirhugað er að ný verslun Rammagerðarinnar veiti innsýn inn í heim íslenskrar hönnunar þar sem lögð er áhersla á sérstöðu og hlutverk hússins á sviði tónlistar og menningar.

20th May 2021

Distribution of grants

Grants in 2021

12th May 2021

Harpa´s birthday

Harpa 10 ára.

12th May 2021

Harpa's Annual General Meeting 2021

Over 500 events held in Harpa 2020 despite widespread and long-lasting negative effects of the pandemic

12th May 2021

World Geothermal Congress

The largest conference on geothermal energy in the world