Bam­berg Sym­phony

The Bamberg Symphony, one of Germany’s leading symphony orchestras, will be performing in Iceland for the first time on 20 April 2024.

Bamberg Symphony with Hélène Grimaud to hold concert conducted by Jakub Hrůša in Eldborg on 20 April 2024.

The Bamberg Symphony, one of Germany’s leading symphony orchestras, will be performing in Iceland for the first time on 20 April 2024. The concert will be conducted by the Czech Jakub Hrůša who was recently appointed as the next Music Director of the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London. In recent years, Hrůša has achieved great success in his work as the principal conductor of the Bamberg Symphony, as well as being in high demand as a guest-conductor of many of the world’s top orchestras such as the Vienna, Berlin, and New York Philharmonic orchestras and the Chicago Symphony.  

Under the baton of Jakub Hrůša, the Bamberg Symphony won the International Classical Music Award (ICMA) in 2022 for its recording of Anton Bruckner’s Fourth Symphony and Jakub Hrůša was chosen as conductor of the year in Germany’s 2023 Opus Klassik music awards. 

The soloist in Robert Schumann’s piano concerto will be the award-winning French pianist Hélène Grimaud. Her passion for music is also reflected in her work in the field of environmental protection and human rights, for which she is also known. 

The program will undoubtedly be a special treat for Wagner lovers, since the Bamberg Symphony will be performing the prelude to the first act of Lohengrin and the Tannhäuser overture. The program also features music by two of Wagner’s contemporaries, Johannes Brahms’s Symphony no.3 and Robert Schumann’s piano concerto performed by Hélène Grimaud.

The Bamberg Symphony’s concert in Iceland will be the orchestra’s first on its way to a tour of the United States, which will include, among other venues, Carnegie Hall in New York. 

Don’t miss this world-class event in Harpa.  

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Jakub Hrůša

Jakub Hrůša is principal conductor of the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra and principal guest conductor of both the Czech Philharmonic and the Orchestra dell'Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia. He is a frequent guest with many of the world's leading orchestras and has conducted operas for Europe's most prestigious opera houses. In autumn 2025, he will take over the position of Music Director at the Royal Opera House in London.

Hélène Grimaud

Hélène Grimaud is not just a deeply passionate and committed musical artist whose pianistic accomplishments play a central role in her life. Her multiple talents extend far beyond the instrument she plays with such poetic expression and technical control: Grimaud has established herself as a wildlife conservationist, a human rights activist and a writer.She has been an exclusive Deutsche Grammophon artist since 2002. Her recordings have been critically acclaimed and awarded numerous accolades.

Bamberg Symphony

The Bamberg Symphony is the only orchestra of world renown that is not based in a vibrant metropolis. Almost 10% of the local population subscribe to one of the orchestra's five concert series, in many cases for decades. However, the "magnetic effect" of the orchestra goes above all outward: the traveling orchestra has been carrying its characteristically dark, somber and warm sound and the musical echo of its hometown into the world since 1946. With almost 7,500 concerts in over 500 cities and 63 countries, they have become a cultural ambassador for Bavaria and the whole of Germany. They regularly tour the USA, South America, Japan and China, for example, and are invited by renowned concert halls and festivals worldwide.

Nokkuð hefur verið fjallað um Bamberg sinfóníuhljómsveitina, stjórnandann og einleikarann í miðlum á Íslandi, auk þess sem Harpa hefur tekið viðtöl við ýmsa aðila úr tónlistargeiranum til fróðleiks og skemmtunar.

Guðni Tómasson ræddi ítarlega við hljómsveitarstjóra Bamberg sinfóníunnar, Jakub Hrůša, í Tónhjólinu á Rás 1 sunnudaginn 7. apríl. Þar er nánar rætt um hljómsveitina, efnisskrána, tónlistarmenntun, hlutverk hljómsveitarstjóra í samtímanum og menningarlíf í Tékklandi og Bamberg.

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Til gaman og fróðleiks hefur Harpa einnig tekið viðtöl við ýmsa aðila úr tónlistargeiranum sem hafa séð og þekkja til Bamberg sinfóníuhljómsveitarinnar, stjórnandans og einleikarans. Við hvetjum ykkur til að horfa á þessi skemmtilegu viðtöl.

Daníel Bjarnason hljómsveitarstjóri og tónskáld

Hallveg Rúnarsdóttir söngkona

Helgi Jónsson tónlistarfræðingur

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Stefán Jón Bernharðsson hornleikari Sinfóníunnar

Bamberg Symphony

Jakub Hrůša

Hélène Grimaud