Car Park

Harpa's car park is open 24/7, is well lit and provides a direct access into the building. Disability parking is closest to all major entrances.

CameraPark in Harpa´s Car Park

The underground car park has licence plate recognition were a camera reads the licence plate when entering and registers the car in the parking space, and when leaving the camera reads the licence plate again and registers from the parking space. All you have to do is use the EasyPark app and activate CameraPark in the app for the first time to connect to a credit card. This only needs to be done once and after that the process has become fully automatic. There is no need to open the app the next time you park and you can drive carefree in and out of the car park.

Here you can see how easy Automatic CameraParking is.

Note that it is also possible to use Parka or pay a fee in the meters on each floor of the car park. A guard is located in guard room 115, which takes care of the operation of the car park, in the upper basement (K1). Here you can see further information about 115. Please note that methane and electric cars are not exempt from payment.

P-marked cars get free access to Harpa's car park. Attention! Since the camera, which detects all cars passing through the car park, cannot distinguish P-marked cars from others, the P-mark holder must send an email to no later than 3 hours before the event/planned visit. The following must be stated in the email: a. Name and ID holder of a P badge b. Car number c. Timings d. Picture of a P-sign 3. If cars are not verifiably notified by e-mail in advance in accordance with this arrangement, the price list of Harpa's car park applies. 4. P-marked cars must try to park in P-spaces, which are 19 in total. A non-payment fee will be sent for unmarked cars according to the tariff. 5. It is not allowed to leave a P-marked car in the car park lot for more than 10 hours. The car park tariff will apply after that time. 6. Employees at 115 will monitor that P-marked cars have been registered in advance in the system.

A guard is located in a security guard room on the upper floor of the garage (K1). You are reminded that it is forbidden to park cars in the square in front of Harpa or along the side of the building. Unauthorised cars that are parked there will be fined. If you park in front of the deliveries entrance or emergency vehicle spot, your car may be towed away.

A default payment will be charged to any vehicle in a paid car park when the parking space has not been paid for or the paid-for parking time has expired.

If visitors notice fog or smoke in Harpa's Car Park, there is nothing to fear. It simply means that there is an event in Eldborg where theater smoke is used on stage. Hot air from Eldborg is used to heat Harpa's glass facade and the car park. That makes Harpa more environmentally friendly.

Here you have further information on other parkings in the vicinity of Harpa.