Ýlir - Harpa's Music Fund for young people aims to support young musicians and give them the opportunity to perform in Harpa. The fund supports projects of various kinds and thus wants to promote a diverse musical life in the house.

You can apply on Ýli's website.

Allocation rules

  1. Applicants can be individuals, bands, groups or NGOs.
  2. Applications must be submitted in the form of a completed form from the fund. Applications may be accompanied by CVs of the main participants in the project and a reference to their music practice (e.g. CDs or URLs). Applications must be sent by e-mail (ylir@harpa.is) and in 3 printed copies; Ýlir - Harpa Music Fund for young people, Harpa, Austurbakki 2, Reykjavík.
  3. The budget of the application must state in which other funds a grant has been applied for for the project, or it is planned to apply at the time the application is made. The fund views it positively that projects also receive funding from elsewhere.
  4. The fund looks at the following aspects when processing applications - That the project is suitable and utilizes Harpa's potential as a music hall - That the project has the potential to appeal to new audiences - That the application of the project shows that this is both an ambitious and feasible project. - That the project is in line with the fund's goals of supporting and promoting a diverse musical life in Harpa.
  5. The fund's strength is aimed at supporting young musicians to perform in Harpa. It is a condition that the fund's strength is used to pay facility fees and other costs resulting from the concert.
  6. The fund does not mediate communication or bookings for Harpa. The grant recipient pays fees to Harpa. Harpa does not have a claim on the fund.
  7. The fund is not financially responsible for projects that receive funding.
  8. The fund shall not have income from any of the projects that receive funding. The financial benefits that may result from the project, e.g. in the form of ticket sales, will primarily benefit the musicians participating in the project.
  9. The fund's maximum grant for a single project for each allocation is ISK 1,500,000. It should be noted that the amount in question is a maximum, but not necessarily a criterion for grant allocations. The Fund reserves the right to enter into long-term long-term support agreements.
  10. It shall be assumed that the grant is paid out after the project has been completed.
  11. The fund shall be mentioned and its logo published in the promotional material that is published and published in connection with the projects that are supported. The grant recipient must mention in his / her presentation of the project, including in a press release and on social media, if applicable, that the project is funded by the fund.
  12. Beneficiaries must submit a short statement to the fund before the grant is paid. The report is in the form of a form on the fund's website. The fund also requests that in the case of the publication of promotional material and a program in connection with the project, it be sent to the fund.
  13. The board of the fund reserves the right to withdraw the grant if it deems it to be ambiguous about the progress of the project, or that it is clear that the event will not take place.
  14. The fund reserves the right to initiate grants outside the advertised application process that meet the conditions of the fund's charter.
  15. The fund does not provide justification for processing applications.