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Phil Doyle´s Poly­Har­monic En­semble (US/IS) / Melissa Aldana Quar­tet (US) - Reyk­javík Jazz Fest­ival

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Saturday 4th September - 20:00



Phil Doyle´s PolyHarmonic Ensemble (US/IS)

The act of listening–truly listening–is an intimate action.

„Akroasis“,a term used by the Ancient Greeks to describe deeply listening to the world, as opposed to just looking at it, is the foundation of The PolyHarmonic Ensemble which explores natural ratios found in various aspects of nature, society, and culture, and translates them to melodies, improvisations, and innovative harmonic landscapes.

Led by local resident for a few years now, Phil Doyle (US), this project is part of over a decade long study of Harmonics, ratio and proportion, via mentor Drew Lesso, a former pupil of Karlheinz Stockhausen.

The group comprises not only some of the finest musicians in Iceland (Einar Scheving, Skúli Sverrisson, Eyþór Gunnarsson, Hilmar Jensson, Ari Bragi Kárason, Óskar Guðjónsson, Snorri Sigurðarson), but also a Grammy award winning sound engineer, Chris Palowitch, and features the visual work of filmographer, Andri Thor Birgisson. Not only will you hear the unique creativity of the individual players, you will literally hear the sound of volcanoes, population data, mountains and more. This will be the world premiere of the ensemble which, in all seriousness, is easily one of the most artistic group of musicians Phil Doyle has ever assembled.

Phil Doyle (US) : saxophone / electronic woodwind
Einar Scheving (IS) : drums
Óskar Guðjónsson (IS) : saxophones
Snorri Sigurðarson (IS) : flugelhorn / electronic brass instruments
Ari Bragi Kárason (IS) : trumpet
Eyþór Gunnarsson (IS) : keyboards
Hilmar Jensson (IS) : guitar
Skúli Sverrisson (IS) : bass


Melissa Aldana Quartet (US)

Saxophone virtuoso Melissa Aldana will perform with her quartet at Reykjavík Jazz in Harpa – Norðurljós on September 4th. She will be accompanied by Pablo Menares on bass, Kush Abadey on drums and Lage Lund on guitar.

On her first jazz quartet "Visions", award-winning saxophonist Melissa Aldana connects her work to the legacy of Latina artists who have come before her, creating a pathway for her own expression. Inspired by the life and works of Frida Kahlo, Aldana creates a parallel between her experiences as a female saxophone player in a male-dominated community, and Kahlo’s experiences as a female visual artist working to assert herself in a landscape dominated by men. On her first jazz quartet recording, Aldana adds a new dimension to her sound, resulting in a transformative movement of expression and self-identity.

Aldana was born in Santiago, Chile. She began playing the saxophone when she was six, under the influence and tuition of her father Marcos Aldana, also a professional saxophonist. Aldana began with alto, influenced by artists such as Charlie Parker, Cannonball Adderley, and Michael Brecker. However, upon first hearing the music of Sonny Rollins, she switched to tenor; the first tenor saxophone she used was a Selmer Mark VI that had belonged to her grandfather.

She started performing in Santiago jazz clubs in her early teens. In 2005, after meeting him while he was on tour in Chile, she was invited by pianist Danilo Pérez to play at the Panama Jazz Festival, as well as a number of auditions at music schools in the USA. As a result of these introductions, she went on to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston, where her tutors included Joe Lovano, George Garzone, Frank Tiberi, Greg Osby, Hal Crook, Bill Pierce, and Ralph Peterson.

Aldana graduated from Berklee in 2009, relocating to New York City to study under George Coleman. She recorded her first album, Free Fall, released on Greg Osby's Inner Circle Music imprint in 2010. Her live shows in this period included performances at the Blue Note Jazz Club and the Monterey Jazz Festival, and her second album, Second Cycle, was released in 2012. In 2013, aged 24, she was the first female musician and the first South American musician to win the Thelonious Monk International Jazz Saxophone Competition, in which her father had been a semi-finalist in 1991. The prize was a $25,000 scholarship, and a recording contract with Concord Jazz. Reporting her win, the Washington Post described Aldana as representing "a new sense of possibility and direction in jazz".

“Her tone is as beautiful as her personality... I am sure you will agree.” – Jimmy Heath

“ . . . one of the more exciting young tenor saxophonists today” – The New York Times

“ . . . cultured, emotionally weighted, purposeful.” – The Boston Globe

"With its richly textured soundscapes and emotionally arresting material, Visions makes a clear connection to Kahlo and other Latina pathbreakers past and present... Melissa Aldana [is] a bandleader and musician at the top of her game." – Brian Zimmerman, Jazziz Magazine

“... such a monumental statement... Aldana and Ross’ ferocious exploration of the song’s theme that displays the deft musicality Visions showcases over 12 cuts.” – Dave Cantor, DownBeat Magazine

Melissa Aldana : tenor saxophone
Pablo Menares : bass
Kush Abadey : drums
Lage Lund : guitar

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7.900 kr.


7.900 kr.