Can You Breathe?

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10.000 - 25.000 kr

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Thursday 19th August - 18:00



CAN YOU BREATHE ? is the first event of its kind ever to be held in Iceland. International breathwork pioneer Nicolai Engelbrecht, author of Gangsters 'n Gurus, will lead a transformative and life changing healing experience like no other, focused around a safe, free, and straightforward natural resource we all have access to: our breathing.

Using his Metatronic Breathing Method, Nicolai has spent a decade assisting thousands around the world heal trauma, emotional suffering, anxiety, toxic behaviours, and addiction. This work has resulted in Nicolai becoming the recipient of a UNESCO youth Peace Prize award, as well as leading the first ever government-supported program for alternative prison rehabilitation here in Iceland.

Nicolai will be joined by former lawyer turned reconstructional life coach and shaman Sara Oddsdóttir, Icelandic electronic luminary DJ Margeir and Arnbjörg that will lead over 20 gong players, as well as dozens of healers and supporting musicians to help guide you through this transformational 3.5 hour event, and into a new realm of elevated consciousness, self-actualisation, and clarity.

What you get with the VIP:

- Fully prepared yoga station: jogamat near the leading people, meditation chair and water.

- A copy of Nicolai Engelbrecht´s newly published book - Gangsters N´ Gurus -

- 70% discount of the online course "Break any negative pattern in 45 days” soon to be published alongside the event.

- Admissinon to the celebration that will be held right after the event, with all the people participating in the event´s program.

- You will ensure more closeness and intimacy with the people leading the event.


Ticket price : 10.000.- isk.

VIP ticket: 25.000. -isk.

More info

Doors open at 17:45, the program starts at 18:00.

We kindly ask our guests to be punctual so we can seat everyone in good timing before the event starts.

Please ensure you will be comfortable sitting on the floor.

We recommend:

- Yoga mat.

- Cushion.

- Pillow.

- Blanket.

- Or whatever makes you feel comfortable during the 3,5 hour experience.

Last but not least, wear comfortable clothes and do not consume alcohol 24 hours prior to the event. This is a non-alcoholic event.

Link to Facebook event:


The ticket prices are as follows:


10.000 kr.