Audit Committee

At its first meeting after the annual general meeting, Harpa's board of directors appoints three persons to the audit committee. The committee now consists of one person independent of the company and two representatives of the board. The main role of the audit committee is to assess the company's control environment, analyze the effectiveness of internal audit, supervise the implementation of the audit, make a proposal for the selection of an external auditor in consultation with the National Audit Office according to Article 7 Act no. 46/2016 on the state auditor and audit of state accounts, together with an assessment of the auditor's independence, assessment of the effectiveness of risk policy, risk appetite and risk management and ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Among the committee's other tasks is to review financial information and arrangements for providing information from management and external auditors and to verify that the information the board receives about the company's operations, status and future prospects is reliable and gives the clearest possible picture of the company's position at any given time.

Program Board

Harpa's board has established an advisory program council to support the important implementation and implementation of a new program strategy. The goal of the activity is to promote the quality and diversity of events in Harpa and for the building to fulfill its cultural role as best as possible, given the design it is designed for. Harpa's agenda is divided into the following priorities: Children's culture and family-friendly programs, Borgartorgið as a hat for festivals, open spaces and Hörputorg, diversity and improved access for grassroots and young musicians, first class international events organized by Hörpustrengir.