Value for society

Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre has set a sustainability policy and is now publishing an annual and sustainability report for the first time together with the annual accounts. The goal is to share information about the activity and its impact on the environment and society. The report contains interesting sections on the diverse activities of the year 2022 and information on sustainability in accordance with the UFS guidelines issued by Nasdaq in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce. In addition and in accordance with the policy Harpa has decided to follow the United Nations' Global Goals for sustainability. Last year, a steering committee of management and staff was entrusted with the responsibility of working on the definition and implementation of sustainability goals with a sustainability consultant.

The main focus is to reduce the negative impact of the activities on the environment and at the same time strive to strengthen Harpa's positive social impact and cultural awareness in society.

Harpa's sustainability journey began in 2015, and since then the company's environmental work has been systematically implemented. The focus has been on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, minimizing negative environmental impacts through targeted actions and regularly measuring the results. In recent years, the company has operated in accordance with environmental and climate policy and, under the leadership of the staff, has completed all five Green Steps of the Environment Agency. Another important step on this path is the Swan certification of Harpa's conference facilities, which was granted in 2022.

Harpa's purpose is to create cultural, economic and social value for its owners, who are all citizens. The company does this by fulfilling its mission with ambition and dedication. As the home and world stage of music, an excellent conference hall in international competition and a work of art in the public domain, Harpa has great responsibilities to lead by example when it comes to social responsibility and the implementation of sustainability in all aspects of its operations.

Harpa's staff is in a leadership role in these exciting and important projects that will enrich Harpa's activities and social contribution in the years to come.

Senior Management

Harpa has five departments, the CEO's office, Facility Management and Sustainability, Events and Technical Management, Business, Sales and Marketing and Finance.

Senior Man­age­ment

Andri Guðmundsson

Technical Director

Ásta Ólafsdóttir

Director of Sales, Business Development and Marketing

Berglind Ólafsdóttir

Director of Finance

Hulda Kristín Magnúsdóttir

Director´s Assistant

Jóda Elín Valgerður Margrétardóttir

Human Resource and Quality Manager

Jón Gretar Jónsson

Director of Facility

Svanhildur Konráðsdóttir