Jethro Tull – The Prog Years

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Thursday 4th May - 20:00



Jethro Tull – The Prog Years
Jethro Tull still reigns as one of the most influential and popular bands of progressive rock history. So
far, the band has played over 3,000 shows to date and sold over 60 million albums. Some of these
albums have truly left a permanent mark in people’s minds, such as Aqualung and Thick as a Brick.

Last time they sold out within 15 minutes
Iceland always welcomes Jethro Tull in full force. Band founder and leader, Ian Anderson, has never
shied away from the fact that the whole band always feels at ease visiting, be it on stage or touring
the country. So far, every show Jethro Tull played in Iceland has sold out. When the band visited last,
in 2016, it only took 15 minutes to sell out every seat to the unique Jethro Tull show at the
Hallgrimskirkja church in Reykjavik, just before Christmas that year.

Now, the iconic rockers are back on tour, well rested and out with new material and a new album
that has been well received on the home front. The latest album, The Zealot Gene, already entered
the Top 10 in the UK earlier but Jethro Tull are not resting just yet as there is another new album
already in the pipelines to be released by next spring. The band is showing inspired form after the
long break due to the Covid pandemic over the last couple of years, and the fans have welcomed
them back.

Progressive Rock and Roll in Epic Proportions
The Jethro Tull show in Iceland next spring is the 13 th show for the band in Iceland. What guests can
expect is a mix of brand-new material woven into some of the most progressive pieces from the
band’s history, along with some iconic numbers dotting the timeline. The band continues to show
that they are still not too old to rock and roll just yet, and they believe that the fans are still roaring
to go as ever.


Birgir Daníel

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