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Je­sus Christ Su­per­star

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7.990 - 13.990 kr

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Friday 31st March - 20:30



Jesus Christ Superstar in Concert - Performed in English 

This multi-talented cast of Iceland's best-known singers, actors and musicians will repeat their highly acclaimed concert rendition of Jesus Christ Superstar by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice on March 31st

Eyþór Ingi of Todmobile takes on his dream role of Jesus of Nazareth. Þór Breiðfjörð sings the part of Judas, something he has done many times before, home and abroad. Ragga Gröndal brings all her talent to the role of Mary Magdalene. They are supported by singers/actors Jóhann Sigurðarson and Ólafur Egilsson and Icelandic rock stars Magni and Björn Jörundur, along with the Kór Lindakirkju choir conducted by Óskar Einarsson.

An all-star band with members from Mezzoforte, Todmobile, Nýdönsk and other great Icelandic bands is headed by musical director Fridrik Karlsson of Mezzoforte. 

Eyþór Ingi - Jesus
Þór Breiðfjörð - Judas
Ragga Gröndal - Mary Magdalene
Björn Jörundur - Pilate
Jóhann Sigurðarson - Caiafas
Ólafur Egilsson - Herod
Magni Ásgeirsson - Peter

Friðrik Karlsson - guitars
Einar Þór Jóhannsson - guitars
Benedikt Brynleifsson - drums
Eiður Arnarsson - bass
Eyþór Gunnarsson - keyboards
Jón Ólafsson - keyboards
Karl Olgeirsson - keyboards

Director - Selma Björnsdóttir


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The ticket prices are as follows:


12.990 kr.


11.990 kr.


9.990 kr.


7.990 kr.


13.990 kr.


Harpa´s main hall, Eldborg, is designed to provide the audience with an unforgettable experience on numerous levels. The hall’s design make Eldborg a truly adaptable modern venue that can accommodate up to 1,600 guests at one time. Harpa corner is an open space located in front of the hall. This magnificent space is ideal for coffee breaks or receptions related to events in Eldborg.