Harpa and So­ci­ety

In Harpa there are incredible opportunities for value creation for Icelandic society. The values ​​that Harpa creates are not all visible in the company's financial statements, but they are, however, an important prerequisite for success in various areas of society.

Harpa is a world-class concert hall and conference centre, and both a home and a world stage for national and foreign artists. Harpa plays the important role of being a venue for musical and cultural life as well as all kinds of conferences, meetings and gatherings. Harpa receives over million visitors every year and over twelve hundred events are held annually.

More and more international conferences, events and meetings are held in Harpa and they attract many foreign visitors as well as promoting a strong promotion of the country and the city. The European Film Awards were held in Eldborg in December 2022. The festival is the biggest event that has been held in Harpa since its opening and was watched live by tens of millions of people from all over the world. The European Film Award was awarded the Icelandic TV and Film awards for cultural program of the year 2022, and Harpa was one of the production companies of the event, together with the Ministry of Culture and Trade, the City of Reykjavík, B28 Produktion and RÚV.

Harpa´s Facade

Harpa's beautiful glass facade, designed by Ólafur Elíasson and the building's architects, is one of the largest works of art in the world. Harpa regularly illuminates the facade to raise awareness of charitable causes and to show solidarity with certain issues. During the year, i.a. displaying the Ukrainian flag in support of the Ukrainian people during wartime. Raise awareness for Trans Day of Remembrance, International Day of Sign Lanugages and Kraftur to support association for young people with cancer, to name a few.

Culture Night