Fin­an­cial state­ments

Harpa's operating profit before depreciation and capital items was 365.2 million ISK in 2022, compared to 121.8 million ISK in 2021. Income from operations amounted to 1,593.5 million ISK compared to 782.5 million ISK in 2021, but was affected by the Covid- 19 1,209.6 million in 2019 and the increase since that time amounts to 32%. The operating contribution from the owners amounted to 450 million ISK at the beginning of the year, plus a difference recognized as income due to the financing agreement of 27.2 million ISK, but due to the burdensome effects of the pandemic, agreements were reached for additional contributions in the amount of 281.0 million ISK. In total, the group's income amounted to 2,351.7 million ISK, which is an increase of 784 million ISK from the previous year.

Harpa Group's operating income with contribution

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Operating expenses of the Harpa group

The group's operating expenses amounted to a total of ISK 1,986.4 million and increased by 37.4% after having decreased significantly in 2021 due to extensive austerity measures during the Covid19 pandemic. During the year, an unpaid planning fee in the amount of ISK 134 million was capitalized. which is 0.3% of the property's fire damage assessment, the same amount was charged as depreciation.

A loss in the amount of ISK 116.5 million occurred from the group's total activities during the year, taking into account income tax, depreciation and capital items, compared to a loss of ISK 162 million in 2021. The group's equity amounted to ISK 10,836.5 million at the end of 2022 and the equity ratio is 31% .

Operating expenses of the Harpa group in 2022

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