Open spaces

Harpa offers a range of attractive and adaptable spaces that can be used for a variety of events.


Flói is a 1,000-metre space that is perfect for exhibitions and larger receptions. Located on the first level, Flói offers stunning views over the harbour and the surrounding landscape. The space can host a seated event of 800 people, or more for a standing reception. Flói has previously been used to host conferences, such as Vestnorden Travelmart, and DesignMarch, the design exhibition.


Eyri is a 350-metre space on the second level. Featuring a breathtaking view of the city to the west, it is perfect for receptions, meetings and exhibitions and is suitablet for meetings and smaller events.

Technical Information

Flói - Ground floor: Exhibition area 1,000 m2
Eyri - Second floor: Exhibition area 300 m2
Hörpuhorn - Second floor: Exhibition area 500 m2
Norðurbryggja: Exhibition area 300 m2

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