Harpa´s main hall, Eldborg, is designed to provide the audience with an unforgettable experience on numerous levels. The hall’s design make Eldborg a truly adaptable modern venue that can accommodate up to 1,600 guests at one time. Harpa corner is an open space located in front of the hall. This magnificent space is ideal for coffee breaks or receptions related to events in Eldborg.

Eldborg is Harpa´s main Hall. The goal was to build a modern, unique and festive concert hall that could be adjusted to different performances. Careful attention was given to the acoustics, line of sight, seats and ventilation and the walls are covered with red birch plywood to support the warmth of the room, so guests can feel the warmth and charm as they walk into the hall.

Alongside Eldborg there are reverberation rooms that were one of the first things to be designed in Harpa. From the beginning the focus of the design was set on perfect sound quality.

In front of the Hall, in Hörpuhorn, on the second floor by the facade, is the ideal setting for a break-out or pre-drink before a concert.

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Technical Information

Seating capacity up to 1,800 guests
Main hall: size 1.008 m²
Ceiling height 19 m
Stage measurements 22 m x17m
Fixed seats everywhere except in side balconies
Sloping floor
Configurable reverberation time
Recording facilities
Interpreters’ booths
Choir wagons
Well-equipped performer facilities

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