This approximately 400 sqm space is divided over two floors and makes the ideal venue for meetings, banquets, standing receptions and other events. The hall can accommodate about 130 people on the upper floor (7th floor) and about 60-70 people on the sixth floor. Including the balcony, Björtuloft reception hall can accommodate 250- 300 people.  This brings the total to around 130 people seated at round tables on the seventh floor. For most events, however, we receive guests on the 6th floor before offering them dinner on the 7th floor. The 7th floor is equipped with a screen, a projector, a sound system and adjustable lighting.

For meetings, Björtuloft is an appropriate space for up to 80 people. Often meetings are held on the 7th floor, while coffee and meals are served on the 6th floor. To find out more, send an enquiry to